Better Education At Your Finger Tips

Urgent Care Basics

Better Education At Your Finger Tips


Weekly Podcast focused on topics surrounding Urgent Care Medicine. With a goal to entertain, educate and give insight into the intricacies of a fast pace outpatient practice.


This is where we show our work. Like in 5th grade math, the answer will only give you partial credit. Each podcast will be accompanied with the corresponding reference material, composed into a coherent article.


Please email for any topics you would like to hear on the Pod. Please no messages from a Nigerian prince (SPAM). Were good over here, thank you.


Books we recommend that may come in handy at your local Urgent Care Site.


UrgentCareBasics aims to give the urgent care provider the most up to date medical knowledge packaged as a podcast. We will be releasing weekly podcasts addressing topics such as migraines, back pain, knee pain, ear pain, basically any kind of pain. Primary care topics will also be discussed seen through the lens of an urgent care provider. As a general rule of thumb I want to make this fun and entertaining. My goal is to keep you engaged through the whole process. If this sounds appealing please subscribe, like, and share.