Book recommendations and more!!!

Minor Emergencies 

A great book to have in the clinic.The book outlines what to do and what not to do, and what red flags should be addressed. A great resource for the moonlighting resident or the seasoned urgent care practitioner. 

Fracture Management for Primary Care

This book is like having your own Orthopod on call, it will also given you the right course of action for most fractures. We have all spent time figuring out if we should use a Sugar Tong splint,Volar split, or Long arm splint, well this book guides you through that process. 

Urgent Care Dermatology 

From my experience, most of the dermatological cases seen in the Urgent Care can be boiled down to atopic dermatitis, or a food allergy, but for the other times, this book + google images can get you on a better diagnostic path. You’ll be able to prove some treatment and relief, while they wait the 3-6 month to get in to the dermatologist.  

Every Patient Tells a Story

A great review of how medicine has evolved, how the art of medicine relies on communicating effectively to reach the right diagnosis. Dr. Sanders gives doctors a great lesson on having the medical diagnosis match the patient experience, and this in itself is therapeutic. 

The House of God 

Not in the least bit urgent care related, but a great read if you’re in the medical field. WARNING!!!  inappropriate at times, extremely hilarious, if your easily offended do not read, you have been warned.

The White Coat Investor

Not urgent care related, but you need to get your money right!!! A  great resource for financial matters, and  guiding you through what a 401k  means and what tax loss harvesting is. As we all know very little financial education is given in medical school this is a great starter book for all. 


If you work in the Urgent Care or ER do yourself a favor and use scrubs! It less of a professional stigma in the ER, as the severity of diseases seen in this field of medicine. Urgent Care is also like contact sport. I&D, lacerations and manual disimpaction are all opportunities to get “stuff” all over your designer tie. So please wear scrubs and keep and extra scrub top in your bag for when “stuff” gets on you scrub top. It’s a terrible thing to walk around for the rest of your day and constantly be reminded of the manual disimpaction you did at 9 am that morning. 


Simple design great stethascope

I highly recommend it.




If you love podcast, then the next logical step is audible.  Get any of the book above, and many more.